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Ministry of Social Affairs
Goals - policy - strategy 

Severed and the Ministry of Social Affairs great strides in its development, services and social, which committed itself to go in achieving its objectives in full, relying on the implementation of a new strategy for social action based on harmony with the contemporary concept of human development, which focuses on social responsibility and to make the human hub operations Development and purpose.With this in mind, consider the Ministry of Social Affairs to its role and functions in an integrated and multi-dimensional, not limited to the provision of assistance to the needy, but also extends to the integrated development role.

The strategy of the Ministry of Social Affairs in social work based on the principles of sustainable human development, and the basic pillars of the following:- Respond to the basic needs of the groups most in need, based on the study of the characteristics of the process of these groups and programs most appropriate to deal with their problems.- Decentralization of social work development and balanced development of geographical regions.- Integration and partnership between the public and private sectors, at various levels.

Features the work of the ministry

Characterized by the Ministry of Social Affairs, in terms of the subject of their work and mechanisms, in the following areas:
 - The subject of the work is the people: that the basis of the work of the ministry is the people, so it should be a model for the role of the ministry of public administration at the service of the citizen. And should be reflected as best they can in terms of the administrative structure. This requires that the regulations be a great deal of flexibility and initiative, adapted to the different needs of the people and according to the circumstances and social variables.
- Partnership with the private sector: characterized by the Ministry of Social Affairs adopting partnership with the private sector in the provision of welfare services, and in joint ventures with service-or character development or local. It is what it sees as an important ministry privacy, and this view compatible with contemporary trends in human development.
- The intensity of joint programs with international organizations.
The Ministry of Social Affairs, was the first between the ministries to develop projects and social development sector with a joint international organizations. This has contributed to the expansion of its capabilities in all areas of work. He also helped the ministry to keep up with the latest developments in development thinking and working methods and modern management, and reinforced its presence at the level of regional and international conferences.